45 & running…

I turn 45 tomorrow and feel blessed to finish another lap of the sun. I have a loving family, live in a beautiful town in the mountains and have a brilliant work/life balance.

But athletically this year I was disappointed. After racing again in Europe I was frustrated to not close the gap to the leading athletes. It was a tough thing to accept. I retired, reduced my social media and planned to do other stuff.

But then I started to run and ride again just to keep fit. The enjoyment of moving in the mountains was still there and slowly the willingness to still push myself and get the most out of my ability returned. I was never a superstar athlete. Any results I got have come from hard work, good advice, great coaches, some luck and the willingness to suffer.

So what now? I still love to run & ride. I’m embracing the challenge of still competing and keeping the young blokes honest. The overall wins might not come but maybe some age group wins will. Even all the times I’ve set on Strava have been done since I turned 40!

I wish I was 20 and starting out in sport but I’m not and that’s okay. I’ll keep running and riding up mountains. I’ll race less, support more and enjoy the wonderful and supportive trail & cycling communities.

I’m stoked to be a Brand Ambassador for La Sportiva again in 2018. They love to support passionate mountain runners and have never put the emphasis just on results.

Thanks also to the other companies who support my running – Mundsocks, Master Poles, Grivel, Outdoor Research, Expedition Equipment & Bogong Equipment.

And lastly thanks to my family and friends. See you on the trails!